HURRICANE Dorian – Schools Closed Tuesday, September 3rd

UPDATED: 2019-08-30 11:00 AM EST

We are receiving a lot of questions regarding the weather and its potential impact on our schools. It is simply too early to tell what route Hurricane Dorian may eventually take.

Prevailing wisdom by the experts puts the Florida east coast & peninsula most at risk, but as we have so painfully learned, our area is not immune.

Governor DeSantis placed the entire state under a state of emergency.  This morning, the Gulf County Commission also declared a local state of emergency.

Given the uncertainty of the storm’s track and the fact that we continue to reel from Hurricane Michael emotionally, physically and financially, we have made the decision to close our schools on Tuesday. I pray for beautiful skies and sunshine as we celebrate Labor Day and that the only effect Dorian has on us is the gift of additional time with family.

With the emotional and physical safety of our students and staff foremost in our minds, schools will be closed Tuesday, September 3rd.

The situation will be monitored and should it be necessary to close schools beyond Tuesday, we will let everyone know.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, as we will continue to pray for those in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Most sincerely,

Jim Norton, Superintendent



UPDATED: 2019-08-29 9:30 AM EST

It goes without saying, all eyes are on the tropics this weekend and into next week as Hurricane Dorian is forecast to bear down on the east coast of Florida this Labor Day weekend. We, along with state and local authorities, will continue to monitor the latest forecast models. Based on what we are all seeing, there appears to be a strong likely-hood, Dorian will cross the Florida Peninsula reemerging in the Gulf of Mexico, which would bring additional concern for our area.


During yesterday’s EOC conference call with Governor DeSantis, all focus is presently on the east coast of Florida… which is appropriate, but in the next 24 hours there is a strong possibility that we could be included in the expanded watch area. At this time, I ask everyone to get prepared should the worst happen again; take steps to gas up your vehicles, stock up on supplies, and have a plan in place.


At this time, no warnings or closures are in place for our area, but common sense tells us that there are lots of blue tarps still in place along with tens of thousands of dead trees still standing. It wouldn’t take much of a wind to complicate our present situation. I will continue to forward all relevant information that comes to me. Also, on a personal note, I would encourage everyone to take as many pictures that you can of any and all repairs you may have made to your personal property since last year’s Hurricane Michael. In the meantime, please monitor local TV News and Weather. I’ve found Mike’s Weather page to be a good resource along with the daily updates given by PSJHS weather scientist Scott Lamberson on Facebook.


UPDATED: 2019-08-28 1:00 PM EST

We continue to monitor this situation closely and are working with our emergency management partners. At this time we have no plans to change the school schedule this week and Monday is already a holiday as a result of Labor Day. We will continue to keep you informed of any expected impact to our school schedule. We encourage you to follow only reliable sources of “news” and updates in the days to come.





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